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Westcounrty Hygiene is a leading hygiene systems and product supplier for Torbay and South Devon.


We supply hotel, Leisure and food production facilites with supirior quality products for sustainable cleaning and sanitising, With food safety and operational effeciencies being critical to the repuation of all food related industries reputations can be won and lost with poor hygiene, For safety sake we have a zero tollerance on providing products that have misleading names that have no releavnce for the purpose they serve you wont see on our labels “Action Power or the word "Cleanz  just the product purpose in its name form,


How can a Washing Up Liquid be named anything else without it being a danger to you and those around you? You make great food and Drink Leave the hygiene systems to westcountry hygiene.

Our Aim - Always Innovative


At Westcountry Hygiene we make substantial investment in research and development to ensure the very best product to complete the task safely first time with ease to safeguard the business reputation through high hygiene standards, We never make an assumption to your individual and business needs we don’t just supply “a price for gallon of stuff” cleaning product but a system that would satisfy the stringent of inspections with ease thats why we take the time to visit and recommend the correct product for the purpose required.


Mission Statement 


Westcountry Hygiene is totally committed to ensure that its customers have the latest products systems and information to hand.


This makes the food and drink market safer for consumers and staff with immediate judgements being formed by customers entering a food and drink establishment you cannot afford to get it wrong so with Fast and Efficient products we are extremely proud of, you can be assured we are not a Janitorial supply company masquerading as a bonefide hygiene systems company trying to make a quick buck and supplying no systems or procedures and delivering it at your back door with no input.

Chemical Safety

Concerned about chemical safety?

We are and at Westcounrty Hygiene we take chemical safety extremely seriously with all accounts supplied with staff product training sessions and all staff certificated to highlight the method of use and the method of safe handling/usage these sessions are designed to build confidence with the products and systems so that they are embraced by your staff and not seen as a burden to them..


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